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of what God requires of everyone to be part of His Family

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by being a light through good works
who are we? is managed by a small team throughout the United States and is owned and operated by the Church of God Assembly, an unincorporated non-profit organization.

Our simple yet daunting mission is threefold:

1. Preach the good news of the coming Kingdom of God on earth to all the world.
2. Warn mankind what God requires of all of us who desire to be part of His Family, as future inheritors of that Kingdom.

3. Be representatives of that Kingdom and God's way of life by being a light to the world through good works today with hope to inspire change.
TheMillennium Logo

about us

God's people have a responsibility to preach the Gospel — the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God as a witness to all the world, a responsibility to give a warning message to all those living in sin, and a responsibility to feed the flock and prepare a people for the Lord.

The Church of God believes that our Maker’s grand purpose in creating man is to expand His Family. By dedicating our lives to faithfully observe HIs perfect Law of love, and through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we can overcome ourselves, Satan, and this world. Ultimately, this leads to our transformation to be born in the divine nature of God, as spirit beings in the Kingdom and Family of God, at His appointed time.

The Church of God teaches that all people who have ever lived will have an opportunity for salvation, and that this age is not the only time when salvation will be offered.  The Scriptures show that during the Millennium all peoples will be offered God's Spirit (Joel 2:28-29), and an understanding of the truth (Isaiah 2:2-4), and that salvation will be opened to those who have never had their opportunity. Throughout the Millennium and the “Great White Throne Judgment” (Revelation 20:11-13) period to follow, all of mankind will be given their opportunity to join God in His Family.

These wonderful and encouraging truths are at the heart of God's Master Plan of Salvation for mankind which aims to spread by the sponsorship of CGA.

The organization is sponsored by Church of God Assembly (CGA) to reach the world with the Gospel message. CGA began in 2020 out of a continued need to assemble and worship as God commanded us. CGA is a religious organization dedicated to sharing the Truth of our Maker's grand purpose for our lives & the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

meet us

We gather together every Saturday (the Sabbath) all around the world to celebrate God's way of life, His biblical truths, and to deepen our relationship with His Family.  We also assemble to keep all of the annual Holy Days and festivals, as commanded in both the Old and New Testaments.

With youth programs and family-centric events throughout the year, we welcome every opportunity to be together, to be the called-out Family God has wants us to be.

If you're looking to meet us or attend with one of our congregations, please visit this page and reach out to find where CGA meets near you!

why do we do what we do?

Soon, Jesus Christ will return to this earth, establishing the Kingdom of God and ushering in one thousand years of peace and prosperity for all mankind! The whole world will be introduced to the one true God and His incredible way of love and give which leads to an abundant life of unparalleled joy and happiness. God speed that day!

In the meantime, we have a job to do: preach the gospel, warn the people, and be a living example of God’s way of life. We're commanded to do this by Jesus Christ Himself, and we're compelled to do this through our conviction in Him as our Savior and soon-coming King. We are to do our part, no matter how big or small our role may be, and we must be about our Father’s business.

The Bible outlines an incredible purpose for human existence: for all to be given the opportunity to become full members of God’s Family. So today, in our limited capacity, we strive to bring a glimpse of that way, a mindset of outgoing concern for all mankind, a life of love towards God and neighbor, a life of service, and a life of care and consideration for all. We are implored to look out not only for our own interests, but for the interests of others. To live no longer for ourselves, but we live as ambassadors for the coming Kingdom of God.  

Our sincere belief in the plan of God requires that we serve Him faithfully, living by every word of the Bible, with the ultimate goal to bring witness to God’s awesome truth and sharing the incredible reality that God is building His Family.

The Millennium is just the beginning

Christ's Instruction to "preach the gospel to all the world" Didn't end with the apostles
Ezekiel's warning to Israel is the same warning for modern day Israel today
It's not enough to know the truth. We're required to act on it.

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